6 New Courses to Enhance STEM Education

NextWaveSTEM is thrilled to announce additions to its acclaimed curriculum - six cutting-edge courses designed to endow students with the pivotal skills necessary for flourishing in tech and science professions. Encompassing key topics like robotics, hydroponics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and beyond, these courses are meticulously crafted to prepare students for the evolving demands of the industry.

K-2: 3D Printing & Design

NextWaveSTEM's 3D Printing & Design course fuels young minds with inspiration and clarifies complex math concepts in a tactile, screen-free setting. Employing hands-on resources such as 3D doodlers and Playdoh, young learners partake in activities that enhance their ingenuity and problem-solving prowess. Importantly, this course establishes a robust foundation for future proficiency in 3D printing and design.

9-12: Agricultural Science

High schoolers are invited to dive into Agricultural Science, where they investigate pressing issues like agrivoltaics and food distribution networks. Furthermore, this course melds cutting-edge technology with practical research, aligning with NC CTE agriculture standards and upholding budgetary constraints. Lessons about hydroponics lead students through the pathways of sustainable agriculture and effective food distribution methodologies.

9-12: Drone Pilot Certification

Moreover, the Drone Pilot Certification course equips students for the FAA 107 drone certification exam through a curriculum that balances theoretical concepts with direct flight experience, ensuring adherence to CTE guidelines and economic mindfulness. Engaging deeply with drone technology, students refine their skills, opening doors to a multitude of career opportunities in drone applications.

NextWaveSTEM's Game Design Pathway

NextWaveSTEM is excited to premiere its expertly tailored game design pathway, strategically crafted for various educational tiers. This curricular avenue prioritizes the development of essential programming skills while also nurturing students' creative talents in game creation.

3-5: Power Up: Game Design with Scratch

Notably, children venture into the realm of game design with Scratch, mastering foundational coding concepts and unleashing their creativity to bring forth engaging, interactive games. NextWaveSTEM's course emphasizes a solid grasp of coding principles combined with the art of game design.

6-8: Coding Arcade: Game Design Essentials

Similarly, this intermediate course builds upon existing coding knowledge, motivating students to fashion their very own 8-bit arcade-style games using platforms like Construct 3 or MakeCode Arcade. They delve into the fundamental principles of game design, such as character development and gameplay mechanics, positioning them for more advanced coding undertakings.